Thursday, June 22, 2006


As we're here in Canada visiting, eating, shopping, praying, sharing, etc., (not in order of priority or frequency!) it's been hectic and difficult to get in front of the computer to post entries. We're going to have to excuse ourselves from posting anymore entries until we get back to Chiang Mai. Please keep praying with us, in general, for more workers to join those already on the field. We'll be back with more unreached people groups and stories about us soon. Blessings!

By the way, 'A Night With the Kims' is a new posting - considered a May 31 posting although we just posted it. The date was May 31, 2006 when we wrote it. We thought we could write entries ahead and post it later but ... it's got a mind of its own. Oh well, please read on.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Horned Miaos

Try to avoid being put off by their name, the Horned Miaos are actually an Unreached People Group that are located in Guizhou, China. They number a very low 65,ooo in population, and are currently being worked with. A current 0.01% of them are Christian. Please pray that this minority will grow, and will spread out even into the rest of China.

Next Blues Brothers?

Evan and Eric, with Young Kim on guitar, are seen here belting out a worship song during the Mekong Reunion. They were warmly received and had lots of fun!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Hmong Daos

The Hmong Daos are from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and China. There are 232,700 of them with 10% of them believers. Some workers are among them.

One Hmong man who heard Christian radio broadcasts became a Christian at the end of 2004. He started 22 groups of believers, each group having 7- 8 families. He says he likes Jesus and wants everyone else to know how great He is!

A Hmong Christian who was imprisoned for 3 years led another Hmong prisoner to Christ. When the new convert was released, he went home and led 200 families to Christ. 36 songs have been recorded in Hmong. Two Hmong couples living in Asia desire to move to a nearby country to share the gospel with other Hmong. A strong group of believers is needed to support them in this venture.

Let's pray for the thousands of Hmong whose only means of hearing the good news and of being discipled in the Word of God is through radio.