Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Karens in Burma

Just a month ago, we started off the year by requesting prayer for Burma. Thank you for praying. The need has become even more obvious as a few days ago, we received an email from a local pastor about houses numbering 200, belonging to the Burmese Karen tribe, being burned.

The displaced Karens are now at the Burmese border. The Thai army allowed some of them to cross over to Thailand but around 3,000 Karens are still in Burma and without homes or food. The ones who crossed the Thai border are getting food provided by the UN.

Please pray for the Karens in Burma at this time; for them to have hope and see the Lord’s love at this time, for the provision of their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), for the oppression to stop, for a place to call ‘home’. Thank you, bless you.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To all of you fortunate enough to have a dearly beloved, my wishes that you have purchases for them a gift of great meaning and forethought.
For all of you people who have been reading this blog since its untimely conception back early last year, you may recall a posting about Valentine’s. Dated in March. This was due to the fact that not a lot of plan or purpose was put into it, though we are glad to say that has changed.
Carrying on, it just so happens that this year our school has finally decided to bend and break and give us, the students, what we want. Dances. Just last weekend, we were blessed with our third dance ever. This exciting event took place just last Saturday, and I must say, it was pretty fun.

Yes, I went with someone. It being Sadie Hawkins and all (meaning, ‘girls ask the guys’), I was asked by a good friend of mine, Jessica Johnson. And before all of you swift-minded ones start jumping to hasty conclusions, allow me to explain a few things. Jessica is a senior, she has a boyfriend who has graduated and is in the States right now, we are just friends.
To the main point of this article, do any of you remember what last year’s Valentine’s post was so specifically about? It was about my shirt! Not about who I was going with or what I was going to, it was about what I was wearing. I just decided to add the above to make it more interesting and semi-personal.
It seems I have formed a little tradition conjoining this year and last year, for, as I was scrambling to find something to wear that would fit this year’s dance attire format “Fire and Ice”, I decided upon making another shirt. It was created by both yours truly and my awesome friend and amazing artist, Megan. Between the two of us we managed to create with our own four hands and permanent black markers, a shirt that represented in all of its former-plain-collared-blue-ness, Ice.

The picture is up! From left to right we are Jessica, yours truly, Kayla, and Jason. Jess and myself went with Kayla and Jason and ate at her house pre-dance-wise. If you look closely you can see the rose inked on the left pocket. And if you look really closely then you can see a snowflake-snowman pattern that goes around the bottom of the shirt. And i know what you're thinking, all of you people who have never been to Canada. Snowflakes and snowmen? It's not Christmas! Well, I've got news for you, it snows on Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 12, 2007


The Pa'O live in the same countries as the Palaungic, in both Myanmar and Thailand. There are a few less of them, numbering only about 560,000. There is an uneven number of believers, and this being the case, it is unknown.

Also like the Palaungic, the Pa'O are not being worked with, and workers must be sent to them and other adjacent people groups in the area. Please pray for those who are not being reached, for all must hear of the Glory of God.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Week Away

If you read the last post, then you know that this last week Eli, Ethan and myself were at another family's house. Since they also have four children of near-corresponding ages to our family, we got along really well.

Of course, we really didn't want to be a burden on their family, so we tried to be as helpful as possible. We were each told to help out with chores as much as we could, and we did our best. Eli slept with his friend Daniel on a bunkbed, and I shared a room with Jared (Eric's counterpart) and Ethan. Joel, Ethan's friend, also slept with Eli and Daniel.

As you may imagine, it wasn't always easy, particularly since we couldn't even fit everyone into one car. But it was actually not that hectic. Most of our stay there was quite easygoing, and I was even told that the house was quieter when we were there.

Please pray for a blessing over the Feniaks, for opening up their home to us. It took a lot of work on their part to keep a household with nine children running, especially with the majority of those nine being under thirteen. Please also pray for the Hamptons who took Eric in, they can be quoted as saying he was "very polite". Thank you.

The Palaungics

Just this past week my parents have been in Singapore for a conference, and this being the case, we (the children) were displaced from our home. Eric was shipped off to his friend Philip's house, while Eli, Ethan and myself were sent to our family friends, the Feniaks. All of this coming into account, blog postings were not able to be put up. Sorry.

This week's UPG sounds like some sort of scientific term. The Palaungic are of Mon-Khmer affinity, and live in Myanmar and Thailand. There are roughly 670,000 Palaungic and none of them are believers. Also, they are not being worked with.

Along with praying for workers to be sent to the Palaungic, we also ask you to join us in prayer for both Burma and North Korea. As I hope many of you know, both these countries are under communist governments, and the believers are under heavy persecution. Please pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord as they struggle and persevere through their daily lives.