Tuesday, April 29, 2008


In the picture from left to right are Lindsay, Leslie, Eli, Ethan, Evan, Murphy, Eric, Chris, Eng, Craig, Lib, and Lani.

Since April 10, my sister Lib and her family have been living here in Thailand. They came to work as Short-Term Mission workers at a home for adopted children and to visit with us at the beginning and tail end of their stay. It's wonderful to actually be able to phone someone and it isn't long distance and costing money. It's amazing to actually have relatives here. My children have cousins(!) and we've actually been able to get together on Sundays at church and afterwards. We've been able to 'hang out' and spend time together. With four of our sons and 5 of theirs (1 son and 4 girls), they didn't always get along but for the most part, it was so much fun to have them here. We are grateful for the Lord's goodness. This week-end is the last time we'll have the opportunity to spend time together as they leave the Tuesday following. We'll be so sad to see them go but we choose to be more grateful that they were able to come. What a blessing from the Lord to make it happen. Thank you, Father!

The Yanguangs

For the past week, we've been praying for the Yanguangs of Yunnan, China. There are 0.35 million of them with 0.14% Christians. Workers are currently there. Let's pray for them to be effective and that the Yanguang believers would know how to share about their faith. Thank you and bless you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moving On

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one must pack up, pick up, and move on. For missionaries this is a more common occurrence, but nevertheless an event that takes a lot of effort, both physically and emotionally.

Recently we have been informed that the rent on our house is being raised. Significantly enough for it to be too much for the house we are currently staying in, with it being unfurnished, etc. This being the case we are looking to come back after the summer (save for myself, of course) and, after a month, moving into another house.

There are quite a few specifications that we would like to make for our new house, one of the most important being that it needs four bedrooms. Our current house has four, and the house right next to us, which has the same structure, is vacant. However the room I sleep in is the kitchen in that house, and is in that way unsuitable.

Please pray for us to find a house, as we will have to move soon after returning to the country. There are a lot of things we are asking God for in this new house, and we know He will provide well for all of them. Pray mostly for easy transition, as all things are possible through Him.

The Wenma

The Unreached People Group for this week is the Wenma. The Wenma live in the Chinese province of Yunnan, and number 150,000. They are being worked with. However, only 0.14% of them are believers. Please join us in prayer for the Wenma, and for them to accept and love God's word.