Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Nisu

The Nisu are a subgroup of the Yi, and live in Yunnan, China. Their population numbers about a million, and they are being worked with. 0.01% of them are believers, making the total number roughly a hundred. Pray that these hundred would spread God’s word to the rest, and that it would come to the point where workers are no longer needed.

Hume Lake

Sitting here typing this, tired and sore, I am reminded of where my aches and weariness came from.

Every two years Hume Lake Christian camp comes to Chiang Mai all the way from California and holds a three day camp for both middle schoolers and high schoolers respectively. The high school camp was held from last Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning this week, and both Eric and myself attended.

The camp consists of team games, worship times, seminars, and chapel times. This year’s speaker was a man named Chris, who was struck by a nerve and muscle disability when he was in eighth grade. He taught us to persevere, and to be everything that we could be, among other things. He was a huge inspiration to us all, and I was very impacted by his teachings.

Each Hume Lake camp also comes with a video, with segments watched at the beginning of each chapel time. Last year’s theme was ‘We Like Sheep’, and taught about the parable of the lost sheep and the shepherd who went out to search for it. This year’s movie was ‘Many Returns of Honorable Grasshopper Fighting’. It discussed the parable of the talents, with each talent representing a martial arts technique in the movie. They are always very entertaining, while teaching valuable biblical lessons.

While team games contributed to most of the points that would decide who went home with the championship t-shirts, they were not the only ways to score for your team. Memorizing Matthew 25 verses 14 to 30 would earn over a hundred points for your team, and these points are what decided this year’s champions.

Enthusiasm was also required to avoid ending up in last place. Team spirit was evaluated by the counselors in charge of the games, and at the end of each one a few minutes were given to each teams to come up with their own unique cheers. This coupled with the intensity of the games played ensured that all participating ended their days with sore bodies and voices.

Hume Lake was an experience I will sincerely regret missing in my upcoming years. It showed the love and care felt for us hundred of thousands of miles away, with the counselors flying over and bringing with them their games and videos and commitment. I thank God for the experience that was given to both Eric and me, and for his blessings on those who sacrificed to come overseas for our sakes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Wa

The Unreached People Group for this week are the Wa.

The Wa live in China and Myanmar. There are roughly one million of them, and they are being worked with.

While you pray for the Wa, please also lift up Myanmar and the issues that are going on. The country is in a lot of turmoil, and the people need your prayers and God’s help. Thank you.

Ethan as Ringbearer

Recently, Ethan was asked to be the Ring bearer of Phung's (one of Eng's Thai staff - please read the 25 Sept. 2006 posting if you want to read about her) wedding.

The picture on the right is Eng, Linda, and Ethan, all dressed up for the wedding. If you have a hard time recognizing Eng, it’s because he has recently been growing out his facial hair. It’s become sort of his ‘Fu Manchu’ look as it’s grown, and he happens to be very proud of it.

Phung is Thai but there was nothing similar in her wedding to all the others we've ever attended here. We're beginning to wonder if Thai weddings are all unique! This time around, the bride and groom walked up the aisle at the beginning of the service. Then, they separated when they got to the front of the altar. Ethan was later called to the front to stand at the side while they exchanged their vows. He only dropped the rings once! Having yawned for the nth time, paced back and forth, jiggled and swayed several times, his role finally ended. But, considering what the other kids in the entourage did, he did an excellent job. Thanks, Ethan, well done!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Dance in Disguise

Last Saturday was Grace International School’s “Dance in Disguise”, and the first dance of the year. It turned out better than I believe almost anyone expected.

The picture below shows us upon entering the hotel where the dance was being held. From the left to the right we are: Seneca, yours truly, Anna and Matt (in the back), Beth, and Patrick, with the guys going with the girls on their left.

Pre-dance arrangements consisted of eating subs at Matt’s house, and watching the Notebook. Awkward moments that could have been birthed by viewing this particular film were avoided by fast-forwarding certain parts and with a well-placed pillow.

Upon arriving to the dance we were greeted with a room full of lower classmen. This was one of the few dances open to the seventh and eighth graders, and they seized the moment and turned up in droves.

Fortunately the dance lightened up a lot. The songs got better and, through meeting other friends, we all relaxed a little and forgot about the little people frolicking about our ankles. And through the dancing I actually had to step out of my shell a little, which was good.

Seneca and I dressed up as Anastasia and Dimitri, from Anastasia, Matt and Anna went as Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle, from Peter Pan (which doesn’t match up, we know), and Patrick and Beth went as Prince Eric and Ariel, from The Little Mermaid.

Suffice to say we all had a great time, and we’re all pretty glad we went. (Oh yeah, and God answered my prayers about the dance, and I thank Him for that. He’s awesome.)

The Tujia

The Tujia live in China, in the provinces of Hunan and Sichuan. Their population is very large, numbering about 7.35 million; more than most people groups.

A number that is also greater than most people groups is the percent of believers. 0.41% of the Tujia are believers, and although this does not seem like a great number, coupled with the large population it is the largest number I’ve written about thus far.

Pray for the Tujia, and for the Church to send workers. Also pray that those who believe would spread their fire to the lost.

Monday, October 1, 2007

GIS' Urgent Call to Prayer

Recently a document was sent to our school office informing us that GIS was obligated to turn over the management and deeds of the school to the legal association of the neighbourhood where the school is situated. November 30 is the deadline before the school faces legal action. Consequently, the school is coveting prayers from everyone. Below is a plea to join the GIS Board of Trustees in prayer as they meet up with the people involved to come to an agreement so that GIS can stay where it is. Please pray with us. Thank you.


The only reason we are here is to be a witness for Christ. Our heart’s desire and earnest prayer is that we would act and react in a Christ-like manner. Those who are charged with the governance of GIS are trying to find the course of action that would glorify Him the most. We want every action to be under His direction. Will you be a partner in prayer? The school and foundation boards meet on October 5. There are many things that we neither know nor understand and find hard to accept. “Why?” immediately surfaces. Whose fault is it? Who is to blame? We can ask every question in our heart before the Lord. He has told us to come boldly before Him. Recent research on that word “boldly” revealed that it comes from two words, “all” and “speech”—unreservedness of utterance. We are trying to tell God anything and everything and get it all “off our chests”. We are listening. We know that He speaks to us and gives us wisdom. We will know what to do. We want to worship and praise Him and be present to His Presence. We want His Power to be released through us and experience His Peace. We want to become ever increasing channels of His Agape love that reaches those whom He loves. Like—everyone! “May your praise fill our hearts and be on the lips of every one of us in the Grace community. Your kingdom come, your will be done. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Answered Prayers

This weekend, we were at a gathering that allowed us to hear about the work going on with the unreached people groups we've been writing about in the blog. It was surely encouraging to hear 'God at work'. What a wonderful testimony of His goodness and His faithfulness. He truly does not want anyone to perish and is at work to touch as many as would care to listen and respond to Him.

Instead of praying for a people group this week, I thought it would be great to praise the Lord for His work, for answering all of our (yours and our) prayers, for His heart, for His compassion, for His mercy, and for His love for us all. Amen.

Thank you.