Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Women and Prayer

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

James 5:16b
Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of enjoying not just a delicious breakfast but also the company of some women that work at the school I teach in. It doesn’t happen very often but every few months a teacher named Amy would organize us ladies and have any of us who can, congregate at one home to share a pot-luck breakfast. I like the variety of food and tantalizing smells that often makes attending these events worthwhile. I would usually go home too full to eat any more food until suppertime. Yummy!

But, I also go home with my heart touched and it is more for this reason that I keep going. After the meal, we’d share about the Lord and what He’d done. Some, like I did, shared some praises and requested prayers. I told them that as a family we were going back to Toronto for Home Assignment at the end of the school year. By then, we would have lived here for seven years with two months being the longest that we’ve been back in Canada in all that time. My request for prayers was for our sons who didn’t want to go back home for one year. Eric has no choice since he’s going to college next year but both 14 year old Eli and 9 year old Ethan would rather stay here, given the choice. They have been quite vocal about their unhappiness with us going home.

After the sharing, we spent some time praying together. It always warms my heart to hear heartfelt prayers but even more so when it is spoken with earnestness and tearful intercession. Imagine my surprise when come evening time the next day, a totally unprompted Ethan spoke of how eager he was to go back to Canada. I heard him but I couldn’t understand why he had a sudden change of heart! Much later, Eli remarked on how much fun it will be when we’re back in Canada. He wasn’t even addressing Ethan and again, he was totally unprompted! It seemed like they were then just lost in their own thoughts and decided to voice out what was on their minds. I was fascinated and elated.

I decided to end the evening by playing some praise songs on the electronic keyboard. When later, Eric came over on his own with his guitar (a first!) and Eli (who came over to tinker with the keyboard – another first!) started to play (Eric played) and then sing (they both sang) the next song with me, I began to see the Lord’s grace on us. Please understand, prior to this time, for them to sing with me, I usually would have to beg, cajole, or force them. We sang freely, “King of Wonders” and the line went, “King of Wonders, we stand amazed, there’s no other, other than You.”

Righteous prayers do accomplish much. Hearts are changed, praises rise. I sang while mesmerized with my sons. I was transfixed and yes, definitely amazed! My heart was bursting with happiness and pride, I wanted to cry. Our God and King, Wonder of Wonders.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Answered Prayers

Great news! We received a letter from our insurance company and they informed us that they have approved our claim for Eric's chemo treatment expenses (approx. $8,000 USD). We've asked for prayers for this on this blog's August 16th posting entitled, "End of a Journey". Going against their own policy, they've decided to grant us our request. Praise God! Truly, nothing is impossible with Him. We still don't know at this point how much of what we've claimed will be paid but we are pleased with their decision. Thank you, Papa God. =)

And oh yes, my mother has been eating much better. Thank you for praying!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


And I, I’m desperate for you
And I, I’m lost without you

From the song “Breathe” by Marie Barnett
It occurred to me that realistically at different times in our lives, we are alone even when we’re not. I, for example, can have a job at a big school (such as I have), live in a city, be in a house with family, and yet inadvertently find myself (emotionally) alone (as in being disconnected). It cannot be helped. Sometimes, your spouse is distracted, your friends are busy or gone (on trips, home assignments, or for good), your teens are out, and your other son is at a sleep over, and then you are also literally alone. I’ve been finding this to be my reality more and more in the last few weeks. It isn’t deliberate. I really don’t think those around me are having a conspiracy so that I am dealing with my being emotionally on my own. I believe the Lord is allowing and allowed me to go through this time to realize one thing.

I can go through self pity (which I did), I can whine (done this too), I can fret, be aloof, or simply be unhappy (check, check, check). Eventually (and thankfully!), I got tired of all those reactions. I learned to choose how to respond and did so accordingly. AAAHH and I felt a lot better. Through all those reactions (good and bad), I had one constant, Papa God. He never tired of me, never complained, just stuck with me and loved and encouraged me through all of it. He still does.

One night, we were just hanging out and it dawned on me, what if He turned His back on me? What if He left? Who would I turn to? Who would be there for me as He had been? Where would I go? Where can I go? For several moments, I was desperate. I would get desperate even now just thinking about it. I’m lost without Him. I’m so glad it’ll never happen that He’ll leave nor forsake me.

Nowhere, no one, could satisfy as He does.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A - OK

Following Eric's appointment with the oncologist on Monday, we were told that he is doing really well. He had his blood work done and we are awaiting the result of one more test but all the rest of his test showed that he is on the mend. His next appointment will be in November following his PET scan which will have to be done in Bangkok.

In the meantime, he is now able to function normally in his Physical Conditioning class. He finished his last radiation treatment just before school started so he's had to take it easy for the first two weeks of school as he waited for his energy to return. Right now, he is able to behave like any typical 17-year old teenager.

The only thing that is delaying his back to normal state is his sore throat. He's been having it since his radiation treatment ended on August 11. For a while he's not been able to eat dry and hard food but he is doing much better now. He still finds it hard to brush his teeth but he is able to eat almost anything. According to him, the pain is more tolerable. We are hoping he'll need less than a month to be completely pain free.

Thank you for your continued prayers on his behalf and the rest of us. We are grateful for you. Bless you!