Saturday, June 28, 2008

Random Act of Kindness

As we joined the line-up to buy tickets to get in the museum today, we (our 4 sons Evan, Eric, Eli, and Ethan, and their two cousins JJ and Jaime) were all quite surprised when an Asian man handed Eli a bunch of tickets and told him to use it today. While we crowded around to examine what they were, the man nodded to me, Linda, and gave a quick wave before he exited the building.

Upon closer inspection, we saw that they were entrance tickets for the museum. There were two for kids (perfect for Ethan and Jaime), two for Youth (Eric and Eli used them), four Adult tickets (for Eng, myself, Evan, and JJ), and a Student ticket. How on earth did that man pick us to give the tickets to? How did he know how many we needed? How could the timing have been so perfect that as we're walking in, he's walking out? Could he have been an angel? The number of tickets were certainly sufficient for all of us to get in the museum for free. Fact is, we even had an extra one which we then turned around and gave to another equally surprised random person.

We can only attribute the amazing blessing of savings to the Lord. With the tickets was a stub showing how much the man paid for them, $79.50. Thank you Lord for providing for us in such a random way. Nothing is too difficult for you!