Monday, April 23, 2007

Omkoi Miracle

Pastor Sydney, a Thai pastor very much involved in the work happening at Omkoi wrote the email below (with some of my revisions for clarity) just this morning.

"I came back early this morning (2 AM) from Soblan, Omkoi. We had a wonderful healing meeting in the village. We prayed for a girl whose foot got caught in a motorcycle's spoke. When I saw it, I felt sorry for her. They might have needed to amputate it because she had no feeling in it, it was swollen, and it looked hopeless. The wound was still open after a month. A doctor tried with 22 stitches to put it together but could not get her skin to heal. We prayed for over 5 and a half hours but it was worth the long prayer when we saw the healing process happen right before our eyes. Her foot became normal and all the feeling came back. Her wound was completely healed! She still skipped around with one leg but after a few more short prayers, she started walking normally. The whole village went wild!"

And I believe we all would have, had we been there. Let's praise the Lord for this wonderful miracle that is sure to transform more so the people in Omkoi. Let's pray that the Lord will move in a more powerful and greater way setting off the unprecedented hunger for God all over Thailand. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Starting tomorrow until Sunday, our group’s workers here and from its neighbouring countries will gather for a time of worship, teaching, and praying together. For some, it’ll be the first time in a long time that they will be in a gathering that can freely express their faith in Jesus. Consequently, this week’s gathering is looked forward to by many of its attendees. It’s the time to receive from the Lord and be refreshed spiritually, physically, and mentally.

If we could be closer to the Lord as a result of having gathered together, we would be more effective workers in whatever we’re doing. If we would love Him first and foremost as the first commandment states, it would do us so well. As Bob Sorge said, the Lord is turning us into lovers who work rather than workers who love.

Please join us in praying that this week will be an exceptionally powerful time for all of us as a fellowship. Please pray that we’ll go back to the work that we do as people very much in love, serving Him. Amen. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


As stated in last week's posting, our 15+ year old car overheated on the way to Omkoi. This being a first time for me, again, I had no clue as to what to do. Thankfully, a friend who was traveling with us knew what had to be done. She pointed out the radiator (busily steaming at this point), that it had to be uncapped (but not yet!), and that lots of water had to be poured into it. I was relieved; at least someone knew what had to be done.

However, 10 minutes had already passed but the water she kept pouring on the still capped radiator just kept evaporating. How long was it going to take to cool it down? And will our 4 bottles of drinking water be enough to fill the radiator once we got it cooled down to open it?

As I thought of our predicament on the side of an uphill, deserted road, in between towns, I started to earnestly pray. And sure enough, two men in a motorcycle pulled over and offered to help us. My friend (who was also fluent in Thai!) easily translated to me what they were saying. One of the men used Ethan's spare shorts to open the cap of the still hissing radiator. He emptied his own drinking water and some of ours in it. Soon, he got our car going and we were profusely thanking him.

Just before he left, he explained that he was a Christian and didn't feel right about not stopping to help two women (our four sons were in the car asleep) that looked in trouble in the middle of nowhere. Later, as we prayed for those men who cared to stop, we had to marvel at the Lord's mighty hand. In Thailand, which has a population of 64.8 million with 95% of those being Buddhist, the Lord still managed to get one of His own (Christians being a mere .5% of the Thais) to be there to help us.

What a Lord! In the midst of my shortcomings, again He proved Himself faithful. Please join us as we praise and give Him the glory. Surely, He alone deserves it.