Monday, January 28, 2008

How Blessed We Are

We met a few people over our Christmas vacation, but only one family stands out above the rest. While we were there we met Jane, who, overhearing my father speaking about having communion, offered her rooms to us. Our two families were able to meet her, as well as her helper and her two adopted children.

The subject of this posting is her eldest child, Emily. Emily was found on a garbage pile in Nepal, where she worked as a school teacher. She immediately adopted the young girl, only to find that she suffered heavy brain damage. Currently Emily cannot even raise her head, and must be carried everywhere.

Her other child is named Isaac, a very lively young boy.

Twice over vacation we were able to pray with Jane and Emily. We prayed as a family for her healing, and that no matter what happened, that God would be able to show His glory through her. We've been informed that she is doing much better and is smiling and laughing more.

Through all of this we were able to remember how much God has truly blessed us, in that we can walk around to go wherever we want, and communicate with others and tell them how we're feeling.

Please pray for both Jane and Emily, because Emily's starting to grow up and is not as easy to carry around as she once was. Pray for Jane, and for strength and most importantly for patience, for her to know that God works everything out for good.

The Youjiang

It seems that as the months have gone on this has turned into not only a section to read about the Unreached People Group, but also where you can read my latest apology for not updating.

The past two weeks have been extremely busy, and one of the posts that I'd written had to be recalled due to misunderstandings between my mother and I. I sincerely apologize to all of you who read this, and who have been somewhat out of the loop as of late.

Back to business, this week's UPG is the Youjiang. The Youjiang number only 0.85 million, and live in Guangxi, China. They are currently being worked with, but have a population of believers only 0.35% of the total population.

Please join us in praying for the Youjiang, and for their eventual salvation. There are people working with them, and it is only a matter of time before God sends His holy fire among them and raises them up as His children.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Guibian

This week’s UPG are the Guibian.

The Guibian live in China, in the provinces of Guangxi and Yunnan. There are 1.1 million of them, and, just like the four people groups before, are 0.35 % believers. There are people working with them at the moment.

Pray that those working there that they would be filled with the Holy Spirit, and that they would spread the fire to those around them.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Vacation

We returned from our vacation at Dolphin Bay about three weeks ago, sometime after Christmas. That being our first away from our home here in Chiang Mai, we can agree pretty unanimously that it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Leaving on December 19th we piled into a van with the Feniaks, our friends with an equally large family. The trip there and back was extremely long, with us leaving Chiang Mai at four in the afternoon and arriving at our resort at six in the morning.

While we were there we enjoyed the scenery, since living in the mountains there isn’t a lot of wind, or sky like there is next to the ocean. The younger boys enjoyed playing in the sand and frolicking in the waves, while the parents did a lot of sleeping, simply glad to get away from work.

We were able to spend a lot of time together as two families, learning new games that we’d never known how to play before. It was good being able to have another family to hang out with, as we were far away from anyone we knew.

Our entire vacation has been a real blessing, so much so that I may have to post an additional entry going into further detail over the events that transpired. Thank you for your prayers, and a Blessed 2008 to all of you!

The picture above is, clockwise from the left: Juanita, Linda, myself, Eric, Eng, Megan, John, Jared, Daniel, Eli, Ethan, and Joel.

The Guibei

Many apologies for the lack of updates, the holidays have got one up on me, and it's been difficult.

The first Unreached People Group for the year 2008 is the Guibei.

Like the three people groups before it the Guibei can be found in Guangxi, China. Compared to the previous three they number much less in population, numbering only 1.45 million. In a strange turn of coincidence, the Guibei are 0.35% believers, just like the previous three. However, they are not being worked with at the moment.

Please join us in prayer for the Guibei, and in thanking God for the New Year.