Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our Night with the Kims

Opportunities like this do not often come along, but when they do, we try as hard as we can to grab onto them. One such chance came along when Evan, our eldest son, made a new friend at Reunion who just so happened to have a family very, very similar to ours. The boys swiftly befriended their Korean counterparts, and were soon begging to have the family over for dinner. The Kim family also has four boys, with the eldest three, Young, Jeremy and Samuel being of near or equal age to Evan, Eric and Eli, and their youngest, Daniel, being four years older than Ethan. Hyun Joo became a good friend to Linda while Eng got to know Kwang better too.

Clockwise from top left are Young, Evan, Jeremy, Eric, Samuel, Eli, Daniel, & Ethan

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