Monday, January 15, 2007

Khruu Aah

If you have been consistently reading this blog from the beginning, then you may recall a blog posting from March 2005. The entry discussed the twin sisters, Khruu (which means teacher) Aah and Khruu Ohh. They are believers in a Buddhist family, and had been barred from changing their beliefs. When they asked if they could get baptised and partake of communion, their request was refused.

In December of last year, a week or so before Khruu Aah's wedding, the twins decided to ask again, and were given their parents' consent to openly demonstrate their faith. This was great news, especially heralding the marriage between Khruu Aah and her husband. Khruu Aah and Khruu Ohh are now able to freely and regularly go to church. They plan to be baptised sometime soon.

As was mentioned in a post last December entitled "Christmas Blessings", Khruu Aah's husband is not a believer. This being the case, they are 'unequally yoked', according to the Bible, 2 Corinthians 6:14. Please pray that he would be swayed by both Khruu Aah and the Lord to change his ways and accept salvation.

At left is a photo of our family alongside Khruu Aah and her husband, Khun Yoot.

As a side-note, the comment box was opened to those without Blogger accounts, we apologize for not having thought of this sooner, and hope that you would share your thoughts if you are so driven to every now and then. Every word is an encouragement.

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