Monday, December 10, 2007

The Future of Grace

Some of you may have heard about Grace International School and the issues that have been going on legally as well as relationally.

Our school is located within the muubaan (neighbourhood) World Club. In fact, GIS’s main building is the muubaan’s clubhouse, which was essentially a place for the people living in Word Club to work out and swim and such.

Recently the muubaan has come up with many complaints about Grace, one of them being that the building was sold to us illegally. Considering all of the money that we have poured into it cleaning up the property, setting up classrooms, and just generally improving the entire building, you can imagine our shock when we found that World Club wanted us to leave.

Recently an email has been sent out to all of the teachers and, my mother being the first grade teacher, received a copy. It reads as follows:

Statement from the Grace International School Educational Foundation (GISEF) and the Trustees:

We have prayed and come together as the GISEF and Trustees to discuss GIS’s future. It is our decision to direct the Superintendent to locate suitable property for building a K-12 campus. It is our intent to see GIS become all that God has planned.

That plan may also include continuing to use our present location. We await the outcome of the action being taken against the school to determine the future use of our current facility. In the meantime, the school will continue to operate as usual. God has blessed us greatly in the past and we will continue to trust in Him for the future.

Basically this means that Grace is now looking for new property, and is fully ready to leave once we have found another building or land on which to build a new one.

No matter what happens, I believe that God will work things out for His own great purpose. His ways are higher than our ways, and He works everything out for good.

Please pray though, for all of those who have put their wholes lives into the school, building it and watching it grow into what it is today. For many of us who attend Grace, nothing is certain, but even if we have to move, pray that there will acceptance of what God wants.

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