Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Old and the New

For the last two years, we have been praying for a newer vehicle to replace our 'black beauty'. Contrary to her name, what Black Beauty lacks in looks, she makes up for in her determination to run. She's almost 20 years old but she still drives well. Of late, we replaced her radiator but other than that, she's still hanging in there. If only her doors would lock, her windows would open, her A/C would run well, her lights would function, etc., etc. Alas, slowly her body parts are showing its age. She also reflects how we believed the Lord would provide for us when we got her almost 4 years ago. We felt she was what we deserved.

Along comes Tiger (shown below with Ethan), our new vehicle. We thank the Lord for her. She was the vehicle of friends who are moving on to China. Now we are awed at the remarkable differences between the two. We thank the Lord for His provision. Since we trusted that He could provide for us without our input on what we deserved, this is what we received. What a God. We are grateful not just for this new addition but for His changing us.


  1. Hey! That looks like my "old" bus!

    Praise the Lord to provide you with such an impresive set of wheels!

    I pray we will meet again soon.


  2. hi uncle eng!How are you? Hope to see you soon in singapore!

    Anyway im chaowang here!God bless your family.