Thursday, August 21, 2008


Since arriving back from Toronto, life has not been the same. I realise that it's the absence of Evan. And the knowing that he's not living with us anymore unless he visits, doesn't comfort one bit. Life is good and God is till sovereign and great, but it just feels like something is amiss, Evan is missing. Sigh.

I choose to be grateful and glad for all the years we've had him with us. Sometimes, it's just that the gaping hole that he made in our hearts when we left him in Toronto just threatens to swallow us up. Thanks God, for your grace that is sufficient.

The ad above is what we placed in his school's yearbook. Evan was prophesied to be born before he actually was. He was to grow up into a fine, young man. And that, he surely did!


  1. Birds grow up and leave the nest; they never forget where they came from and do return. God has a plan for his life, and he will follow it.

    Linda, my son left home some 10 years ago, and it still hurts a little, but he has a wife, a new baby on the way and a good career in the Army as a pilot. God has blessed him, and He will also bless your son, and bring comfort to you.

  2. Thanks, Roger! That's very encouraging.