Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

In less than three days my four month stay in my grandparents' basement will come to a close. It seems so much longer this time around, though maybe it's because my mom's visit was so short, or because I was both employed and unemployed for equal lengths of time. Either way, I feel like I have been here for much longer.

As I begin packing up my room down here in preparation to move out, I think about the time I've been able to spend with my grandparents.

I spent a number of my unemployed afternoons helping my grandfather do construction on the front porch. In spite of his age (he's eight-nine) he managed to continue on long after I'd started going to work. His commitment to this personal project is impressive, and definitely something to admire.

My grandmother, on the other hand,has proven that Alzheimer's can progress in front of your very eyes. During my time here I've watched as she has forgotten how to eat with both hands, an action that should be both simple and natural. Throughout this time, however, she has become very comfortable around me. I know that somehow, deep in her mind she knows that I belong in the house with them. I've actually watched her check the basement several times while I'm upstairs, so I suppose she's realized someone lives down there.

I've tried to help them out whenever and however I could, and I feel like that's something I've managed to accomplish. I care deeply for both of them, and hope that while I'm away at college they won't miss me too much, and will be able to get along on weekends without me.

Please pray for both of them, as recently my grandmother has begun eating very, very little. It's very worrying to see her eat only half of whatever tiny portion we put on her plate. Also pray that my grandfather would be able to finish the porch, and that his sons would come up often to help him out with that.

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