Saturday, March 2, 2013

SS Amazing Grace

Yet, I am with you always, holding you by your right hand.
I am fully aware of your situation,
and I will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to bear.
February 27 devotion write-up for “Jesus Calling,” by Sarah Young.

Captain Mintz and his ship-mate, Sandra Bradley,
 on SS Amazing Grace
The title is actually the name for the school’s ship that parents coined for this week’s Staff Appreciation Week. Once a year, they go out of their way to find ways to bless all those who work at the school; from the guards, the maintenance crew, the teachers (the group I belong to), all the way to the administration. We received our ‘luggage’ invitation last week that we would be recipients of some kind of treat all of this week. Monday was a holiday for us so we were invited to rest. On Tuesday, we were treated to a delicious granola breakfast with plain or strawberry flavoured yogurt to go with it. For dessert, we had a choice of cherry or cream filled donuts, or twisted donuts. YUM!

Wednesday, we each received a 15-minute neck massage from professional masseuses. Ahh, it was such a great way to relax our tight and stressed muscles! =) On Thursday, we had baked goods like brownies, cakes, cookies, and squares delivered to the school. We only had to wait for hunger to dictate the eating times. =)

And finally, on Friday, we were treated to a fabulous international cuisine that was catered by a local restaurateur. The delicious lunch fare included mouth-watering ribs, gluten-free chicken barbeque, and sweet and sour fish. That was accompanied by pasta, potatoes, and salad. The parents also brought sushi, dumplings, chips and salsa, and other scrumptious appetizers. Each table was exquisitely set with decorations from that country and an appetizer popularized by its people. Seeing roti on the Pakistan table, I lost no time and quickly sat there. Later, when I bit on that still warm flat bread, I was so glad! I would often need to go to Malaysia to taste roti that good. Not yesterday, it was there to savour slowly. =) The whole message to us was gratefulness for what we do and we could only respond with the same appreciative hearts. Life is so good and we are so blessed to work in the school we do. There were various yummy desserts too hard to choose from but up until then, I’d not seen Pecan Pie served here in Chiang Mai so I chose that. It was delicious!

The Morocco Table
I was already wowed just walking up the stairs leading to the school’s lunch room. When I saw how they literally transformed the whole room so that it became the insides of a cruise ship, I was tickled beyond description. It just spoke volumes to me. There was a real captain (a pilot in real life) and people who posed as various folks found on a ship. There was a pianist who provided the light music and towards the end, even students who provided a song to entertain. It made me wonder how something like that could happen. Who does those things? I could name the actual people because that’s why I decided to write about it, so I could honour those who went out of their way to bless us. But, I know of the one inside them whom I know gave them the ideas and creativity. I know they prayed to know how to bless us and they were obviously helped. It is just the kind of fun splurging that our Papa God will do for us. Thank you, parents, for everything you did to show you appreciated us. We were awed by you, touched, and grateful to be here doing what we do. I’d chosen not to name you so your reward will wait for you in heaven but I honour you with this write-up.

The Italy Table
I have had a really rough and tough week. . For the first time, I couldn't even write because I was so worn down by what I was going through. This week, just receiving as I did helped me to keep paddling so I wouldn’t sink. It was so tempting to just crumple in a heap, or sink in the deep. The fact that God spoke to me very clearly in the devotional I was reading (quoted above) helped me (among other things). Yesterday, I knew I was on the last vestiges of feeling low. I sat and worshiped in the Music Room. I sat still and His amazing grace lifted me up. SS Amazing Grace! I get it! Thank you, Papa God. I receive it and I LOVE you back so much! You are AWESOME!

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