Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eli's Senior Carnival

Samuel Womble as Fix-It Felix, Josh
Templeton as Wreck-It Ralph, and
one of their starry-eyed fans.
Tyler Ross as Mario, Tyler Bradley as Luigi,
Chip Rowe as Super Luigi.
Day after the carnival, we visited a
training center here where would-be
missionaries are asked to stay inside this
casket for 20 minutes after they are nailed in shut.
Mario and friends, a zombie (Martin Kooyman),
and street fighters (Daniel Feniak and Cal Veldt)
No Beard Eli
As Beard Papa, Eli was paid to
deliver hugs to whomever the payee
sent him to. It's good that he
was cushy in the middle. =)
Back to normal.
Boys will be boys.
Playing on the wheelie carts.

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