Monday, April 17, 2006

Marcus Elliot

Lord, please don’t give them any peace so that they’ll leave the place” was Eng’s prayer when he found out that our neighbours and their friends went to a temple to spend two weeks meditating. Our family collectively agreed with that prayer even though Linda thought it was a strange request. What a big surprise it was for us when our neighbour's friend Marcus, showed up at the gate days later asking for the key to our neighbour’s house so he could get his things. He said he just didn’t have any peace at the temple and decided to leave it early. He further added that the whole experience convicted him that he needed to go back and be right with Jesus.

Marcus was here as a tourist so we invited him to live with us for the time being, and he accepted. The first night he was here was coincidentally(?) Bible study night for both Eng and Evan. Eng brought Marcus with him to his Bible study, and the Lord worked on him some more. We later heard that Marcus had been weeping and repenting openly, truly aware of how his life had been up to then. Eng then took this opportunity to ask Marcus to go with him to the annual Men’s Retreat, which was the following week. Marcus attended that too, and had a wonderful time. Marcus is at center with Eng and another worker.

During his stay with us, we were greatly encouraged to see how the Lord moved in his life. Not only that, the Lord used him to bless us enormously. When we went away for our anniversary get-away, Marcus stayed with our sons and cooked for them. He also filled our pantry with bought groceries and he gave us the ‘Heavenly Plan Massage’ as described in Heaven’s Gifts (March 27 post).

We pray that Marcus will continue to walk with the Lord, and that he will never forget how the Lord ministered to him while he was here.

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