Tuesday, April 25, 2006

RAC Retreat

Some time ago, our family and Eng’s co-workers at the Regional Accounting Centre (in between Evan and Eli are Bee, married to Tii, Kung, and Cheng) were able to enjoy a pleasant relaxing weekend up at Rim Doi, one of the local resorts. It was a very fun way to get to know the people who Eng spends time with everyday, and, though I’m somewhat speaking for them, I think they enjoyed it almost as much as we did. There weren’t many things to do up there, and the resort food was expensive, but we didn’t let that get us down. We threw in a whole ton of food into the back of our car with Evan, packed all our family games, and brought our enthusiasm with us! By the end of the week-end, we’ve played a badminton tournament and enjoyed numerous meals and games together.

It was funny too as when we arrived there, we hauled our ‘luggage’ all the way to our cabins, then we found out we could have driven up near the cabins and saved ourselves a whole lot of trouble. But that aside, we were able to settle in and relax, and most of all, get closer to one another.

We were even able to show off our ‘Yeong Improvisation’ skills, by putting up a badminton net using bamboo, rocks, and a trashcan. I’m sure they were VERY impressed.

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