Monday, August 28, 2006

The Sinicized Miaos

Now we return to our regular programming, with the following section known as the UPG of the Week. UPG stands for Unreached People Group, and we will be posting one every week, for your prayer.

This week we ask you to pray for the Sinicized Miaos.
According to, Sinicized means to make Chinese in character, or to change and modify by Chinese influence. These Miaos have apparently been heavily affected by the Chinese, and in this way have adopted much of their practices and religion.

Of their population of 250 000, 0.10% of them are Christians. Compared to many of the other people groups in their area of China and Guizhou, this is quite high, though it is indeed a minimal amount. There are workers there right now.

Please pray that the Sinicized Miaos would be open to the gospel, and would leave off of their Chinese influences and embrace Jesus as their saviour.

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  1. you sound like Gospel is anti-chinese. Or you think Chinese can only be Han. Both are strongly bias and self-righteousness-like. If monotheism ever has a future it lies in bracing non-mono ideas. Forsake your impulse to convert!