Tuesday, September 5, 2006

And So I Lay My Head To Sleep...

Over the course of our summer, we were blessed with many places to lay our heads to rest. Long hours of traveling and the difficulty of finding a place for five people to sleep often led to many very interesting 'beds'.

The majority of our stay was spent at our grandparents' house, where immediately spaces of sleeping were claimed. My mom and Ethan took the couch pull-out bed, Eli took the jacuzzi, (as shown in the picture above), Eric took the living room couch, and I took refuge in the basement with the luggage, which all in all, was not particularly a bad thing. I had privacy when changing, and a cool place to retreat to when the summer heat got to me.

During our stay with the Pulsifers in Salmon Arm, Eric, Chris, Jordan, Eli and I took up in their trailer in their backyard, where we spent six nights talking and enjoying the cool B.C. weather.

Our most interesting and by far most enjoyable night was spent atop the Pulsifers' roof, staring up at the night sky. With our uncle's permission, Jordan, Chris, Chris Pikk (Chris' friend), Eric, Leslie, Murphy and I excitedly got ready for our night up top. Careful not to disturb the gravel, we clambered up the ladder, which was propped up by the van, and arranged our beddings.

Once up and comfortable, we chatted the night away while attempting to keep warm and watching shooting stars (which we saw a lot of by the way).

We awoke the next morning with the sun in our faces and barely a night's-worth of sleep between the seven of us.

As we finally left Salmon Arm to go to Vancouver International Airport, we spent a night in the house of Linda's cousin. That morning, as we were packing up, Ethan continued his rest on some porch pillows, looking as comfortable as can be. (picture below)

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