Monday, October 2, 2006

The Karens

To those among you who are tempted to say this people group's name as 'Karen', as you would a girl's name, I would ask of you to resist your urges. Karen is pronounced 'Ka' as in 'car' and 'ren' as in 'hen'. Actually, you would be more correct if you said 'Car-hen' then 'Karen'.

The Karen are quite well known here in Thailand, as they can be found both here as well as Myanmar (formerly Burma). Another reason is that there are so many of them, about 2.5 million.

Please pray for the Karen because although they are being worked with, they are often looked down upon in Thai society. As this is the case, they often have trouble finding jobs, and are often left with selling 'mountain village' jewellery. Please pray that they will accept Jesus and also gain acceptance with the Thai people.

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