Monday, October 2, 2006

Saying Goodbye

Last Friday my parents went out with my dad's co-workers to bid Khun Lim a final farewell. But this was to be no somber occasion, and it appeared to be more of a celebration than a grim parting.

All of the office staff and their 'fehn' (boyfriend or girlfriend in Thai) were invited by my parents to a lovely restaurant up in the mountains, which they had not gone to before. The restaurant is called Pa Lad Ta Waan Ron, meaning 'Age of Sunset'. It's located near the waterfalls (where tables are actually set just 2 or 3 meters away) and it provides an extraordinary view of Chiang Mai.

My mother, when telling me what to write in this week's blog, would not stop with the vivid descriptions of what was served there, and how delicious it was, and so on and so forth. She simply could not get over the fact that (as seen in the picture) the drinks were served in tall glasses, with, wait for it, a wedge of lime, and, you'll never believe this, real orchids. They served flowers with their drinks! One such 'exotic culinary dish' was fried crocodile, which could be purchased fried, deep-fried, or quick-fried. Ostrich meat was also served the same way, with various types of sauces for both available.

Various descriptive novelties aside, the sending off was quite a success. My mother also noticed that Thai people (or this group in particular) love to take their pictures, and then get a kick out of looking at them. We thank God for Nong Lim and the time she spent in the office, and we also thank Him for Nong Phung, and for the blessing she is and will be to all of us.

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