Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Palaungics

Just this past week my parents have been in Singapore for a conference, and this being the case, we (the children) were displaced from our home. Eric was shipped off to his friend Philip's house, while Eli, Ethan and myself were sent to our family friends, the Feniaks. All of this coming into account, blog postings were not able to be put up. Sorry.

This week's UPG sounds like some sort of scientific term. The Palaungic are of Mon-Khmer affinity, and live in Myanmar and Thailand. There are roughly 670,000 Palaungic and none of them are believers. Also, they are not being worked with.

Along with praying for workers to be sent to the Palaungic, we also ask you to join us in prayer for both Burma and North Korea. As I hope many of you know, both these countries are under communist governments, and the believers are under heavy persecution. Please pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord as they struggle and persevere through their daily lives.

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