Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Week Away

If you read the last post, then you know that this last week Eli, Ethan and myself were at another family's house. Since they also have four children of near-corresponding ages to our family, we got along really well.

Of course, we really didn't want to be a burden on their family, so we tried to be as helpful as possible. We were each told to help out with chores as much as we could, and we did our best. Eli slept with his friend Daniel on a bunkbed, and I shared a room with Jared (Eric's counterpart) and Ethan. Joel, Ethan's friend, also slept with Eli and Daniel.

As you may imagine, it wasn't always easy, particularly since we couldn't even fit everyone into one car. But it was actually not that hectic. Most of our stay there was quite easygoing, and I was even told that the house was quieter when we were there.

Please pray for a blessing over the Feniaks, for opening up their home to us. It took a lot of work on their part to keep a household with nine children running, especially with the majority of those nine being under thirteen. Please also pray for the Hamptons who took Eric in, they can be quoted as saying he was "very polite". Thank you.

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  1. We really enjoyed having the boys stay with us and getting to know them better. I know there were prayers covering us - everything went so smoothly. Okay, a few things were misplaced but later recovered, and bedtimes for some were a little later, but yes, Linda, we did 'have enough food' :) Evan, my game partner, we'll have to have a re-match with Megan and John! You realize you are all like family now right? We love you guys....
    Juanita (for the Feniaks)