Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Lord's Faithfulness...

In answer to our prayers, my parents came all the way from Canada to visit with us. My father (Justo Angeles) is 85 years old while my mom (Lily Angeles) just turned 83 years old. They were here when we celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary (when the picture above was taken). My sister Lib, a homeschooling mom who has 5 kids of her own, (from Salmon Arm, British Columbia) accompanied them from Canada and took care of them here while we were working. Later, my brother Joel from Manila, Philippines, also came and did the same. All in all, my parents were able to be here for a total of 26 days! It truly wouldn't have been possible without my siblings' help. It was a blessing to be able to spend time with them and literally care for their needs. My father had his infected gall bladder removed and recuperated here. He even had to be spoon fed.
Eli turned 11 years old while they were here while Ethan turned 6 years old. We also received our spiritual blessing when my father prayed for all six of us, very much like when Jacob blessed his sons in Genesis 49. The sweetness of our having been able to be together and pray for one another is priceless. Praises be to our Lord and King, for His faithfulness.

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