Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Last Week

This week can be best described, I think, with the words "return to normalcy". It's been a very long while, it seems, that the six of us were all in the same house, sharing meals and so on.

Last Thursday marked the return of my mom and dad from their trip to China. It was also the day on which Ethan and I were picked up from the OMF dorm, and the day Eric and Eli were picked up from the Feniak's house. My parents were gone from Chiang Mai from Sunday, the 13th, to Thursday, the 17th. On Sunday we were each driven to our respective homes for that week and my parents left that evening for their trip.

To say the least, I enjoyed dorm life. It was a very interesting experience since I had never lived in a dorm before, not even for a few days. It was really encouraging for one thing, seeing how all of the dorm kids lived in relative harmony with one another. They had homework times and chore sheets and everything. I was even drafted onto the after-meal duties. It really made me feel like I belonged.

Please pray for blessings on the Feniaks, as they had only just moved before my parents left. They moved only just down their street, and did not have too much trouble transporting their furniture and things. We are all very grateful to them for taking in Eric and Eli despite their minor inconveniences. Pray for the dorm also, I could tell they tried their best to acommodate Ethan and myself.

We thank God that we are all safely back at home with each other.

ps- This is also my first post back from what you could call an 'extended hiatus'. It's nice to be back posting again.

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