Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Summer in Thailand

Each summer, the community of foreigners that we know in Thailand does one of two choices: leave to go to their home country for various reasons, or stay here in Chiang Mai. This year, for the first time, we are doing the latter. Our first summer here, we went back to Davao City to get the things we left there then on to Singapore for our Orientation Course. Last year, we were back in Toronto to visit my parents.

In a couple of weeks, we'll be visiting Eng's mother in Malaysia for two weeks, but apart from this, we're home for the summer. This is a refreshing change. There is no need to rush, pack, travel, or live out of suitcases. On the negative side we don't get to visit any family or friends in the places we could be in (this is always a real treat!) but it's also good to just 'be' for a change.

It's actually perfect timing as I'll be teaching Grade One for the first time at Grace International School. Not having done it before, I've got a very steep learning curve that I need to overcome. There is a lot to do and learn. I'm so grateful that I'm able to go to school early in the morning before the kids even wake up. I've got a crash course in lesson planning, selection of activities, classroom management, classroom procedures, and even learning how to read Big Books effectively. I truly have a new appreciation for teachers now. Having helped Mrs. Austin last school year, I saw the results of the hard work she put in. Now, I do understand what the hard work feels like.

Back to the summer, we've also had our share of swimming, watching movies, hanging out in malls, eating out, or simply relaxing. Life is just as busy for Eng and I but it's great to have the boys home to spend more time with when our energy permits it.

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