Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pray for Eric Yeong

Yesterday, two students came to my office and gave our family a plateful of brownies. Mmmm, they were delicious! The gesture was another way that the Lord showed us His love through the people around us. At school, signs have been put up to remind us to pray for Eric. Red string bracelets have been circulated for the same reason. As I walk around the halls, I don’t normally go very far without anyone offering a comforting hug or reassurance of prayers. One teacher told me that her students interrupt her class to remind her that they should pause to pray for Eric. Different families have brought us our dinner for the last few days. Notes, flowers, baked goodies, and money, have all made it to our house as expressions of love and concern. We are touched with good reason. Again, we are grateful that the Lord has allowed us to go through this time so we can be awed by His love. He shows us grace that we don’t deserve. What a God He is.

Eric received his first dose of chemo medication on March 19. He was also able to celebrate his 17th birthday with his friends the following day. Thank you for praying that his body respond just as it is doing. Apart from feeling tired, Eric has been happy, feeling well, and back to school since Monday, March 22.
He now needs to strengthen his body and build it back up to handle the second dose of his first chemo cycle on April 2nd. That will then be followed by other doses on the following dates:
April 16th & 30th - second chemo cycle
May 14th & 28th - third chemo cycle
June 11th & 25th - fourth chemo cycle
Please continue to pray for Eric even when he isn't receiving the chemo treatments. As the medicine works in his body, let’s pray for his strength to be maintained. One of the side affects of chemo is that the immune system is lowered with each treatment as it works to fight the cancer. Please pray that he resists all kinds of infection.
Lastly, let’s pray for his complete healing and for God's glory to be made known in the midst of our circumstances. Thank you and bless you!

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