Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eric is Well!

For nothing is impossible with God.
Luke 1:37 (NLT)

The photo above was taken a week after Eric received his first dose of chemo. He and his friends (including Kurt Jones on photo) attended the last dance of the school year. Eric was initially tired a day or so after receiving his treatment but his energy level went back to normal by the second week (this week). We thank the Lord for His answers to prayer. Eric is doing well.

This Friday (April 2nd), Eric will receive his second dose of chemo to end the first chemo cycle. Can you please agree with us in prayer for the following?

• That Eric is miraculously healed.
• Should the Lord choose to keep using the chemo to heal Eric, please pray that his body be strengthened to handle the chemo and to resist all kinds of infections.
• That the chemo will produce minimal to no adverse side effects in his body.
• That we draw closer together as a family and rely solely on God.
• That God will be glorified in our circumstances.

We praise the Lord that nothing is impossible with Him. Let’s keep expecting the impossible.

Thank you again for your prayers, concern, love, and support. Bless you!

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