Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A - OK

Following Eric's appointment with the oncologist on Monday, we were told that he is doing really well. He had his blood work done and we are awaiting the result of one more test but all the rest of his test showed that he is on the mend. His next appointment will be in November following his PET scan which will have to be done in Bangkok.

In the meantime, he is now able to function normally in his Physical Conditioning class. He finished his last radiation treatment just before school started so he's had to take it easy for the first two weeks of school as he waited for his energy to return. Right now, he is able to behave like any typical 17-year old teenager.

The only thing that is delaying his back to normal state is his sore throat. He's been having it since his radiation treatment ended on August 11. For a while he's not been able to eat dry and hard food but he is doing much better now. He still finds it hard to brush his teeth but he is able to eat almost anything. According to him, the pain is more tolerable. We are hoping he'll need less than a month to be completely pain free.

Thank you for your continued prayers on his behalf and the rest of us. We are grateful for you. Bless you!

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