Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eng at 51

Today, my alarm woke me up as usual at 5:30 a.m. I hit the snooze button 2 more times and slept some more but by the third alarm; I was brain awake even though my body still wanted to be in the prone position. I began to silently pray and talk to God and thought about what today would bring. What's different is that a few minutes later, Eng started to pray aloud right beside me. It was the first time he’s done it so I was pleasantly surprised. What’s even more surprising is what he prayed about. He asked for many things that I know we need but then he asked for the Lord’s blessing on our marriage. He asked for help that he remain committed to our marriage and to be willing to do the work to make it a better marriage. WOW, that really woke me up because my eyes started to water. It’s completely baffling! I know why he’s different but I’m still quite perplexed. How did it happen?

On Saturday, January 22nd, he turned 51. He was in Hong Kong and arrived late on Monday night so we were only able to celebrate his birthday on Tuesday evening. When later on we wanted to pray for him and asked him what he wanted for prayer, he responded by saying that he wanted his sons to become Godly men and that he wanted to be able to spend more time with me. HUH? I was really glad to hear that but where did THAT come from? I don’t get it.

Here's Eng and I at a wedding we attended just 10 days ago.

Maybe I should explain that a few months ago, Eng wouldn’t even talk to me. It took several weeks before we related well again. I prayed so much then until I didn’t know what to pray about anymore. And now, here we are, at the place where God’s response is evident. Nothing is impossible for Him. He can change the hearts of kings, or in this case, Eng’s and mine. His arm is not too short to help. He amazingly transforms. He changed us. Thank you, Papa God. You are so good.

I just don’t get it. How did You do it? Is nothing too difficult for you? Obviously NOT! But I am completely AWED. What an amazing God we have in you. Praise you.

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