Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perfect Moments

We’ve all had them. It could be when you were playing with your son, having a drink with your best friend, walking hand in hand with your special one, or lying on a hammock by the beach. However it comes about for you, it’s just great to have them. There is nothing like it. I had several of those this past Sunday. They happened as I sat on the porch of room A3 at Lanna Resort (053 365 222). I spent the night there to have some time of quiet and prayer and the next day, I came back from church with BBQ pork on a stick, a piece of fried chicken, and some sticky rice. It was one of those “just right day”, not too hot, not too cold. I relished being outside eating my food and feasting my eyes. The perfect moments that followed consisted of:

- delightful, chirping sounds of birds (some flying, others just being),
- fallen leaves twirling and landing (especially those landing on me!)
- floating leaves on and in the water of the stream
- fluttering butterflies
- feeling the gently blowing wind
- watching branches sway leaves
- and the soft sunshine with me under the shade

Perfect. My mind was on God enjoying what He was showing me and we were having fun. I was grateful to be there. It was good to hang out. =)

The one sight that disturbed me somewhat though, was that of the leaves that floated swiftly on the stream. Since it was a lazy day, I wanted to just watch them float SLOWLY. Not those ones, they looked like they had a mission! They were going somewhere and they had no time to lose. The leaves in the stream did the same thing, competing in an invisible race with the ones floating above. I wanted to have a good look at them but they would have none of that! Resigned, my thoughts wandered and mused on us as people. That’s what the leaves reminded me of, people. I think sometimes the Lord just wants to put us on His lap and have a good look at us, LOVE us, lock His gentle arms around us in a tight embrace, BUT, we would have none of that. We have a mission and we’re off somewhere, carried by the stream controlling our lives.

I wish I can say that never happened to me when Papa God wanted moments with me. What about you? Can we even do anything about it? Dare we?

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