Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alive and Grateful

Eric had a birthday last Sunday, March 20. He’s now 18 years old. It seems like just awhile ago when he was very cute and chubby and walking around on tiptoe. He’s now a very slim and muscular senior. He can draw, do the limbo well (to a level where you think his body might snap in two), and can dance. Ethan thinks he “rocks” at dancing. Eng and I are amazed that when he determines to do something, he’ll actually do pretty well at it. He taught himself to play the ukulele for example and he sounds great.

Last night, Eric talked about his choir teacher reading his essay in front of the class. He said he was put on the spot. He wasn’t angry, he just seemed perplexed.He added that the way his teacher read his work made it sound good. Eli, who’s in the same class, continued the story for him. He said the essay started initially to talk about “spit” and that he was a bit apprehensive with regard to how it would end. [Yes, it’s the stuff that’s in our mouths. =)] Being a teen and a brother to Eric, he didn’t know whether he wanted to be associated with him by the end of the essay reading, or not! In the end, Eli was relieved and impressed. He said Eric was "rocking."

The essay described how the radiation he received from his cancer treatment last year affected his salivary glands. Consequently, he doesn’t have as much saliva as he used to. He reasoned however that losing some of his saliva was far better than losing an eye, arm, or leg. He’s truly grateful that not having much saliva also reminds him continually to be thankful.

When we first prayed for my friend who has a tumor behind her eye, Eric thanked God for His gift of healing to him and then prayed the same for my friend. He is alive and well and glad for his life. Thank you, Papa God. This month's most recent CT scan and blood work revealed no sign of the cancer Eric had last year. Praise God.

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