Thursday, March 1, 2012

28 Years Today

While Pierre Trudeau was taking a walk and contemplating his resignation as Prime Minister of Canada, I did my own thinking. Our decisions were both precipitated by the snowstorm that bitter cold day on February 29, 1984. I remember the wind and the swirling snow all around us. The bus took longer than usual because of the snow that already accumulated. We were both freezing as we continued to wait, exposed to the elements, in the bus stop in front of Ross Building at York University. Eng, being the gentleman that he was, stood real close to me to shield me from the wind and the snow. I was grateful for it but became very much aware that he was proximity wise, too close to me, for a male person that really was only my friend at that point. He had been joining me and my friends almost daily for lunch and would sometimes even take me home by public transit. The trip to our house was an hour and a half long and he lived right by the university so he was obviously very interested in me. I liked him as well but I didn’t really consider ourselves dating then. The idea that he was just a friend quickly changed as I realized that if a man was going to stand that close to me, he better be my boyfriend or my husband. I quickly changed our status on that bus ride home. It was a leap year that I’d never forgotten. Trudeau did resign as Prime Minister. I ended up with my very first and only boyfriend.

Today, we were blessed to be out on the cold again. Thankfully, it wasn’t as cold and yes, no snowstorm! We walked just across the American Falls in Niagara Falls and took pictures. It’s been great to be here to literally chill, remember, and celebrate.

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