Thursday, February 14, 2013


God is love.

1 John 4:8, 16
I don’t even know where to start. Tonight, I sat through a meeting and watched in wonder and amazement. I should probably point out that early in the year, our school’s community was requested to fast and pray. We were given a bookmark which had a list of various groups of people to pray for. It ranged from the city’s officials to the different staff at the school, the students, and the maintenance people. Each day, we were encouraged to follow the bookmark and pray for the group listed. At the end of January, we had a culminating Community Prayer where everyone was invited to celebrate the end of the fasting and praying time. We prayed for the 27 different nations where the school’s missionaries are from and where they worked at. We also prayed for Thailand and our school. That night, declarations were as well made about how the Lord would answer our prayers. I say, indeed, He did answer. =)

Leading to this week which is the Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) of the school, we were encouraged to keep fasting. I know that some of those in the community kept fasting and praying. Last Saturday, there was a 24 hour prayer vigil as well and it was well attended. I don’t know if this was the most prayed for SEW in the school’s history but I’m sure it ranks way up there. The week started with excellent worship and teaching on how to defend our faith in Jesus, our identity in Him, and what we do now that we know who we are. Tonight, the teaching was on love and the encouragement to love one another. Johnny Vermilya, the speaker, explained so well that God is love; He wanted us to love Him, our neighbours, and ourselves. Johnny V (as he is fondly called) talked about how we were caught up in praying about 'not sinning' when God was more concerned about us 'loving'. I’m sure his message resonated in all of us and not just me because when he started to talk about confessing and repenting, we were all ready to do so. He encouraged those with
Johnny V wants the students to know that he
loves being here. He enjoys the diversity so much. =)
misgivings and offenses to go make it right with the person each one needed to reconcile with. It started slowly but soon, there was movement all over the room. And that was when I started to tear up. I saw teens and children deliberate in their steps to their destined person, talked, bowed heads together, and then hugged. Siblings made up with each other, friends to friends, and teens and children with their parents. It was touching to be a witness to it. At one point, my mind seemed so confused at watching such tender moments. Why was I so blessed to witness that? It wasn’t a common sight but I rejoiced as I pondered it. And it was when I saw “Incomprehensible” at the corner of the banner which hung at the back of the stage. The banner was of a humongous “I AM” with the many names and descriptions of Jesus surrounding it. One could say “Incomprehensible” stood out to me because it was red in color. I believe I noticed it though because I was beholding the teary-hugging-crowd in front of me, an incomprehensible sight. I hope I'll see another one like it in my life time. It was such a blessing; also heart-warming, and loving. Grace came down and manifested itself tonight. Earlier in the week, the band leader prayed that our week would all be about God and His glory. I believe that it was exactly so. Thank you and praise you, Papa God! =D

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