Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Little R & R

For the information of all of you who are reading this, it wasn't all work and no play for us over the summer. Every now and then we were able to take a break from visiting churches and re-meeting people we hadn't seen in years, and kick back for awhile and do things we'd never done before.

One such new and exciting experience was spent while we were visiting the Lewis's, a family that we go WAY back with. Anyway, they just so happened to have two ATVs in their garage, and me and Eric were blessed with the opportunity to ride said vehicles. To those lesser informed (I myself was one of your number 'till last summer), ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. And after a quick how-to lesson from Uncle Robert, we were off; zooming around their very expansive front and back lawns. (picture below)

Another thing we did during our stay was spend time with old friends. Eric, Eli and I had enjoyed two fun-filled years at Henderson Public School only a couple of years before, and we were overjoyed in meeting up with old friends and getting to spend time with them again. Below is a picture of Ethan and Eli with one of Eli's best friends, Kane. This was a real blessing in regard to the fact that we had not planned to see Kane, and were able to meet him at a swimming pool in our old neighbourhood.

Some of our most important times were the ones spent with our brothers and our mother. Once while driving along we came upon a playground, and due to the insistence of both Eli and Ethan, we stopped to play. I, in particular, was struck with nostalgia at the thought of once again playing at the park, and really enjoyed myself. Lastly, but not leastly, is a picture of Eric playing on the slide, below.

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