Monday, September 25, 2006

Welcome to the RAC Office,

My father, as overworked as he is, was recently informed by one of his staff members, Nong Lim (shown at left), that she was moving to Bangkok, to help with the family business. This was an enormous shock to him, and was very stressed out and already thinking about the mountain of work that awaited him.

He started to pray for a new employee, and we as his family joined him in praying to the Lord. Sure enough, he has not too long ago received a visit from a girl by the name of Nong Phung who was told by her friends that there might be an opening at the RAC office. Now understand, my father had not put up ads or asked around for a new staff member, but she came to the office of her own accord (surely prompted by the Lord?).

Nong Phung (shown below), or her full name, Koontida Srisomped (you can understand why Thai people use their nicknames) will be 24 on October 30th. She graduated from Payap University, a Christian university, and studied English for her major; she minored in Japanese.

She first and foremostly thanks God for her opportunity to work at the RAC office, and refers to Him as Immanuel, which means God is with us. Phung believes that God led her to study English, and to help others through this second language. She said, "What I hope will happen as I work here is to support others as much as I can. I would like to be a part of God's ministry at the RAC office."

Please pray that Nong Phung would be able to fit into office life at the Mekong Center, and that she would soon grow comfortable to working there. Also pray for Nong Lim, as she will have to work with and help with her parents in Bangkok. Lastly, let's praise God for His speedy answer to our prayers, and for His grace and mercy.

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