Monday, April 5, 2010


<-- Eric doing homework while waiting for his chemo medication.

My cancer survivor friend prayed that if Eric’s hair does fall out, that it won’t be upsetting to him and that he will just roll with the punches and be able to have peace. Today, while Eric took his shower, he called out my name and said, “My hair is coming out!” Later he asked, “What am I going to do?” At this point, I haven’t even been able to get past the initial shock of the first question! (Why was it even happening, and so soon?) Finally, I asked him not to worry since we could clean the hair off. I also added that I was sorry.

As a teenager, losing his hair is the one thing about his illness that Eric doesn’t like. What was he going to do was a good question. He finally came out of the bathroom looking the same to me but he was convinced that his hair thinned and he had evidence! He later decided to go out with his friends wearing a cap (rolling with the punches?).

When we did talk about the possibility of losing his hair, I told him that I’d rather have him bald than not have him at all. I told him that we haven’t specifically asked for prayers that his hair be preserved. When he thought about it, he decided that it wasn’t important and that he’d leave it up to you to pray on his behalf. He said, “Hair or no hair, life goes on.” He was dancing again tonight (evidence of peace?).

Eric is doing well 3 days after his second dose of chemo. Thank you for praying for him, that his body be strengthened and protected against infections, and whatever else the Lord lays in your heart. =)


  1. We are praying for Eric and the entire family every day. May you have God's peace and be aware of His everlasting arms upholding you.

  2. I am just now reading through your posts. Ate Linda, this post made me smile/laugh. I will continue to pray for you all - whatever it comes to mind :-) Chieko