Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nose Bleeds

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
Matthew 21:22

The nurse said Eric’s white blood cells (WBC) were low but not quite that low to receive the chemo last Friday (16th). We need to pray that the chemicals would stop eliminating his WBCs so Eric can keep receiving his treatment. Either that or we can pray for new WBCs to multiply fast and plenty.

Playing solitaire, listening to music, on Facebook, while
receiving his chemo -->

The treatment last Friday took the usual 11-12 hours long to administer but it was uneventful. The doctor indicated that Eric’s lymph nodes have shrunk considerably. She was pleased that Eric is responding to the treatments well and made a mental note not to prescribe anti-nausea medication to him next time as he has not needed them. One week later, we are also grateful that Eric still has lots of hair. =) God is answering our prayers.

The nurses are always careful that the toxic red chemo (there's also an orange one) doesn't spill. It is disconcerting that it goes in his body!

On Saturday morning, Eric had continuous nose bleeds for the first time. I think it alarmed both of us that it took awhile before the bleeding stopped. Eng quickly pointed out later that nose bleeds are side effects of the chemo. I began to accept that and hoped that the next nose bleeds wouldn’t be as much nor as long as the last time.

The next day, talking to a friend about Eric, I told her about his nose bleeding. As she asked whether it was happening still, I asked Eric, “Did you have a nose bleed today?” Our two other sons both yelled, “I did!” Eric said, “No.”

If all three of them had nose bleeds maybe it wasn’t a side effect after all but more because of the air that they all breathed. I obviously have a lot to learn about the verse above. We’ve been asking for minimal side effects and the Lord has been answering. Thank you for believing in what you ask for in prayer. I’m learning and believing with you.

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