Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trusting in Our Lord

O house of Eng, trust in the Lord --
He is your help and shield.
paraphrase of Psalm 115:9

We praise God that we are halfway through Eric’s chemo cycles! Last Friday ended the second cycle of the prescribed four cycles of chemo. Since there are two treatments per cycle, we only have 4 chemo treatments to go through. Yahoo! We are also pleased to let you know that Eric was singing and dancing tonight. His behavior is surely an indication of how he’s feeling which is well! Also, he finished writing his final exam for his AP Statistics class today (Tuesday) so he is ecstatic.

Eric tried to study for his Stats exam but he could not stay awake. This chemo usually takes two hours to drip into his vein. <---

His doctor said all the swelling on his lymph nodes are gone. =) She added that Eric is responding to the treatments well and is doing better than average when compared to other cancer patients. His white blood cells are multiplying fast and plenty as there are more this time than the last time it was checked. His hair has thinned even more but is still there. He is pain and nausea free. Lastly, for so long, he’s wanted to gain weight and he actually has! He looks great and we are extremely grateful. We serve an awesome and amazing God! Nothing is impossible for Him.

Over the week-end, Eric tried to get up but he was soon asleep again. --->

On top of all the Lord has done for Eric, we are able to have an end of June family vacation at the beach (in Prachuap – 4 hours south of Bangkok). We initially canceled this vacation because of the 12 hour drive required to get there and another 12 hours to come back. Although we needed a break, we felt that it wasn’t worth our while to stay there for only a short time and then have to head back here for Eric’s last chemo treatment. Well, the doctor agreed to postpone his last treatment (from June 25th to June 28th) and then we received the gift of free flights to Bangkok (and back!) so we are able to be there for a whole week (from June 20-27)! That we are blessed is an understatement. The Lord is so good. Thank you all for praying! He is answering mightily!

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