Monday, June 14, 2010

Worth a Kidney Stone

We were at our mission’s conference last week from Tuesday to Sunday (June 8-13) so it was a little strange going to and back there from the hospital on Friday (June 11). When Eric received his 7th round of chemo, we requested again for a quicker administration so we could get back in time for supper. We got there in plenty of time and Eric soon joined the Teens’ BBQ by the pool and he was soon swimming!

He continues to amaze us with the strength and energy that truly comes from within him! It is God given. The next day, he spent plenty of time sleeping but when the ‘teens’ all nighter’ began; he was again up and about! The Lord also amazes in that what is fun for Eric is certainly fun for Him too! He gives it His stamp of approval by what He allows to happen.

I should add that Eric decided at this point not to take any medication (steroids) for the chemo’s side effects. He did well with all the distractions of activities over the week-end but by today, Monday, he’s had a lot more stomach pain. This is entirely Eric’s choosing, not to take the meds. It’s hard to even imagine receiving chemo without the help of the meds to deal with the side effects. Eric’s always taken them before although he’s been requesting less and less of it the more he received his rounds of chemo. He started with needing to take 16 pills twice a day (for 2 days) when he received his first round of chemo. This is followed by half the dosage for 2 more days (8 pills twice a day). By the 6th round, he only wanted to take 4 pills twice a day and we’ve had to argue about him taking it! On Friday, the doctor indicated that it was optional so he decided that he didn’t want any of them. That he’s made it this far is God’s grace!

The other great thing that happened is that we saw friends (Eric’s former teacher and his wife) at the hospital while waiting for the doctor. We were supposed to have supper with them earlier in the week since they were leaving Thailand for good. They canceled since Eric’s former teacher wasn’t well. What a pleasant surprise that we were able to visit at the hospital anyway! Eric’s teacher also graciously said that seeing us and Eric at the hospital (one more time) before they left was “worth a kidney stone” that had to be removed from him surgically!

What an Amazing God we have! Thank you for praying.

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