Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gracious Miracles

My soul proclaims your greatness Lord
Rejoicing in my Savior
Your mercy belongs to those who fear your son
His blessing you have given them forever
Holy is His name!

From the song “Great Things” by Matt Maher

As I listened again to my phone which was randomly playing music, the lines above played next after the song called “Miracle” by a Thai group. I (Linda) was just thinking it in my head that it was a miracle that I was paying the hospital just after 2 p.m. for Eric’s chemo treatment. Last Friday was the 6th time Eric received his chemo and it was also the day of his school’s year end choir concert. The day before, his choir teacher and class prayed for him to make it to his concert but we knew a miracle had to take place for it to happen. After his previous treatments, we’ve often left the hospital after 7 p.m. How could he possibly make it to a 4 p.m. concert? Secondly, Eric is often completely exhausted as we pull out of the hospital. How will he have the energy to sing?

But for God, none of the string of miracles below would have happened. Dr. Rattiya examined him as usual but we requested that she let the nurses know that we were in a hurry that day so Eric could make it to his concert. She agreed and wrote the nurses a note to that effect. (Please pray for blessings for Dr. Rattiya and for her to know the Lord as her savior.)

The next few hours were a sight to behold as nurses came in and out of Eric’s room. Each one proclaimed that Eric was going to a concert that afternoon. Each one did her task efficiently and quickly. Sometimes, (a first!) two would be doing their tasks at the same time. Nurse Kloy was there waiting to change the chemo (4 types) that needed to go into Eric’s IV before any of them were finished. To say the least, the nurses that day worked like clockwork! By 2 p.m., all we had to do was wait for an hour for Eric’s last chemo to finish dripping into him. The first miracle happened! We could actually leave as soon as the dripping chemo stopped around 3 p.m. Nurse Kloy used to go to a Christian university here in Chiang Mai. She said she used to go to chapel then and hear about God. I told her the Lord allowed Eric to be sick so that we would be there to meet her and talk to her about the God who loves her and misses her. She teared up and allowed for me to pray for her. (Please pray that the Lord would succeed in calling her back to Himself.)

By 3:30, I decided to wake Eric up. I figured that if he could shower in 10 minutes, we could leave before 4 p.m. and make it late for the concert but be there in time for his choir to sing. It took him a loooong time to finally get up. When he did, it seemed like he took his time to get ready and he was even singing in the shower! Meanwhile, I was pacing outside the bathroom door waiting to go! By the grace of God, we made the speedy drive from hospital to school just in time for him to join his group during their second song, “Pie Jesu” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It means ‘merciful Jesus’ or ‘Jesus, have mercy’. Indeed, Jesus had shown mercy as Eric was welcomed on the stage to the applause of the crowd. He then sang with his choir for the rest of their performance, the second miracle.

On Saturday morning, he was able to go to the orphanage that he’s been visiting with his class, to attend their last get together of the year. By Monday morning, he was celebrating the end of the school year with his AP Stats class by playing bowling. While I wondered if he would have the energy to finish all three games, the Lord had seen fit to help him not just finish all games, but have the last three balls Eric bowled to be strikes (a sweet turkey miracle)! It’s no wonder that by Monday night, Eric was dancing once again. What an amazing God we have! His blessings, He has given us.

Thank you for praying. =)

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