Thursday, May 26, 2011

At Last!

Since we arrived here on August 8, 2004, in just a little over two months, we would have been here seven years. It’s a really long time. We’ve been to many places, going as far south as Prachuab and across the borders of Burma in the north. We’ve checked out hot springs, elephant farms, umbrella stores, silk factories, waterfalls, and the mountains. All the mountains have names that start with “Doi”, the Northern Thai word for mountain. We’ve gone to Doi Suthep, Doi Angkan, Doi Pui, but not the tallest and most imposing of all, “Doi Inthanon”. It wasn’t deliberate. Eng had been there several times because his close friend lives just a few minutes beside the National Park. Some of my sons have gone there to camp. The rest of the family does not seem interested to go there, all except me. Since finding out that it was cool (literally!) and had the highest spot in the whole of Thailand, I wanted to visit it. For years, I waited and asked if we could go. We never did, until last Sunday. YAY! Finally!

We didn’t go to church but started the close to two hours drive instead. Like a child, I was excited. I anticipated the cool air, the beautiful view, the flowers, and all kinds of foliage. It didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed being there. It was quite cool which was a blessing because we’ve been having #3 days. A #3 day for me means it’s so hot, the electric fan setting has to be set to the highest (the 3rd setting) to get some relief from the heat. It’s been an unusual NOT hot season here because it’s been raining a lot but just recently, the #3 days have been frequent. It was a relief to be there. We were invited to join Eng’s friend’s family for a meal so we helped cooked tortillas and dumplings and soon feasted on them. =)

Later, we went to the spot that was supposedly the highest peak in Thailand and stopped at a scenic view point. Ahh, the beautiful panoramic view, the fresh air, the flowers, and the cool breeze made the over six years wait and the two hour drive worth it to be there. Thank you, Papa God! You just create so well! =)

In retrospect, I wish I had laid hands on the ground while I was at the top. Whenever I go to another country, I’ve been purposeful to do that as I pray a blessing for the land. Thankfully, the Lord isn’t bound by time and my prayers now still matter. Please join me in asking that ‘Papa God, you will touch this nation and bless it, that you will bring healing to it. Lord, please draw people to yourself, that they may know who you are and who you should be in their lives. Let revival start, Lord, from this highest place in the whole of Thailand, from the north, all the way to the lowest part and across the country towards the south. Thank you, Lord, for your love for the Thais. You desire for them to be saved. Please, Lord, let it be so.’ Amen.

And please pray for the Hmongs who live on the mountain. The missionary with me shared that there is a spirit of suicide that oppresses them. As she’s heard of many deaths, she’s been praying against the oppression. The next two that attempted to take their lives failed but the third one succeeded. Let’s join her in interceding for the Hmong people not to end their lives but to turn to the one who can save and help them. Thank you!

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