Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Six Again

Linda, Eric, Eng, Ethan, and Evan. Eli was out working on a project.
It's good to have Evan back in Chiang Mai. He arrived on Monday, May 16th, and will stay for three weeks, leaving on June 6th. He's here to attend Eric's graduation on June 1st. It's great for all six of us to be together once more. For those who don't know Evan, he's our oldest son. He just finished his 3rd year of post secondary studies in Western New York. He's working on a degree with a double major in English and Writing and minor in Psychology. When he leaves from here, he'll spend the summer in Toronto where he's looking for a job. Depending on the location of his future employment, he may live with us for the summer, or live with his grandparents.

While here, he intends to eat LOTS of Thai food and do a bit of shopping for clothes. With graduation just two weeks away, some of his classmates with graduating siblings are trickling back. Soon he'll be connecting with old friends also. We hope for him to enjoy his time here. We're certainly pleased with the idea that he's here in the flesh and not a virtual image through a Skype call. We are all happy to have him back.

Eric's not shy, not afraid to be bitten by bugs, nor of getting too much sun. In the picture on the right, he's playing with his PSP (a small electronic game gadget). The sun was shining too brightly so he wanted his shirt to give him the shade that he needed to see his game better.

The day after Evan got here was a Thai holiday so we didn't have to go to school. We (except Eng who had to work and Eli who did a filming project with friends) hung out at a National Park and had lunch at an All-You-Can-Eat grilling place. While out near the water, it didn't take long for their personalities to come out. We still have Evan our reader, Eric the gadget player, Eli the extrovert - out with friends, and Ethan the adventurer. It's amazing how uniquely we are all made even in our own family. We have such a creative God!

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