Monday, August 5, 2013

At 52

With Eng and Ethan at Ob Khan National Park
Last week, I turned 52. When I think of that number, I cannot help but recall that on the eve of our wedding, Eng consumed several (all thirteen of them!) B52 shot glasses as he attended his stag party at a downtown bar. He had a massive hangover the next day but somehow he managed to show up at church, say his vows, and marry me. I'm grateful for the Lord's grace then, as knowing what I do now, I wouldn't have it any other way.  In spite our differences and the years of hardship in our marriage, I'd still choose Eng and do it all over again, He has definitely changed and come a long way since then! Nowadays, he goes out of his way to serve me and it surprises even me! Yesterday at a staff party, he gave me some delicious banana roti and we weren't even sitting together! Somehow he read my thoughts across the room because I was just then contemplating about getting myself a plate. This is all to say that changed or not, Eng is still my precious birthday gift. Of course if you ask me, I definitely prefer the changed one!

Our two older sons called me from Toronto to greet me (one was late!). While there, I'd already picked out their gift for me. It was the expensive footwear written about two weeks ago. =) I am so glad for that as I wouldn't have been able to afford it!

Our two younger sons gamely woke up (well, one of them grumbled a bit) at six a.m. so together with Eng, we could go to a place I liked and have them bless me. It entailed driving to get there, hiking to the perfect spot, and then having them each pray for me. I enjoyed that gift a LOT!

From there, off they went to soccer while Eng and I had breakfast and a Thai body massage. Aaaahhh, enough said.

At my new office with my new Teaching Assistant, Eli
To end the day and just before Japanese food, we passed by my new office at school. We rearranged the furniture a bit, anointed the room with oil, and prayed. I asked that they pray for me and for the new job that I would do. I'd always known from the time I heard my start date of August 1st that it was my birthday gift from Papa God.  I don't know the specifics of what the Lord has in store for me. Yesterday, I received some of my job training and the question that kept going through my head was, "What on earth had you done?" But, the Lord, knowing I needed encouragement, had at least three people tell me at the staff party that they were pleased that I got the job because it suited me. I don't know where they were coming from. I do thank Papa God for his goodness and kindness. Who else would give me time with my father in Toronto, a serving and devoted husband, four loving sons, a new job with my own office to go with it, plus the encouragement I needed? I am overwhelmed by Your love. Thank you, Lord!

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