Tuesday, March 7, 2006

At Last!

Here it is: our blog. We've called it YeongLife so any one or all of us can update it. While it has potential to have just about anything, we do want to use it to talk about the work that we do, our comings and goings, and life here in Chiang Mai.

Speaking of work, did you know that the Mekong Field's Regional Accounting Centre, where Eng is Business Manager, handles the finances of workers in Northern Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, China, and Vietnam? [The picture at the top displays the Mekong River and the countries it intersects with.] There are in fact more than 150 of our workers spread out all around the neighboring vicinity. Furthermore, all of these workers at some point or another go through Chiang Mai to withdraw money, discuss finances, deliver their babies, have medical check-ups, or simply relax.

The focus of the workers is to reach the Unreached People Groups [UPGs]. Currently, there are 160 million people (in 5 countries) divided into 70 subgroups who do not have their own people sharing the gospel with them. Once the people group begins to share the gospel amongst themselves, they cease to be unreached. With so many millions needing to hear about our Lord, we have a lot of work and need a lot of prayers. As a family, we pray for one subgroup a week. Will you please join us in praying for the Bunu Bunaos, this week? There are .44 million of them living in the Guangxi and Guizhou area of China. There are no believers among them and currently, no one works with them.

How will they hear unless someone goes?


  1. great to see you on blogger. it will be a great way to keep in touch when I get rid of the personal computer and email thing here... ;) blog travels with you... thanks for the stories, much love, Shannon

  2. hi there cool dude, hope to see you soon.

  3. Great blog Yeong family! See you at in a month!