Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Heaven's Gifts

To celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary (February 28, 1987) and 22nd anniversary (February 29, 1984 being the date we started going out), we, Eng and Linda, stayed overnight at a resort. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and the place where we went. While there, we discovered what the resort was referred to - as seen on the right.

And as if the Lord wasn't through in reminding us that the blessings were from Him, as we went home, we were taken to a spa by a friend. While there, we received our anniversary gift, a wonderful 2 hour and 45 minute body and feet massage. Our friend picked a completely random massage plan and what did the name of the plan turn out to be? Heavenly Plan! The Lord is simply awesome.

To the left is Linda with the view of the mountains as they took their morning walk.

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