Monday, March 20, 2006

Shirt To Go

This year, 15 year old Evan attended his first Valentine's Banquet by wearing his own 'formal' shirt. Together with a friend, Evan created this masterpiece using permanent black markers. Awesome!

Evan- "Alright, hey, this is Evan. There are some who would say I am both a writer and an artist, and there are others who would say that i'm just your average, Asian-Canadian, adolescent third culture kid, so who am I to say who's right?
Anyway, I like to read a lot, when I can find good books (which is not easy here in Thailand). And I edit and co-write both this blog and our bi-monthly email update (which I enjoy some of the time). Mostly I draw on homework, notes, and other random assorted pieces of paper I can find, though I sometimes like to vary to other more interesting mediums, such as skin or cloth."

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