Monday, March 20, 2006

Twin's Plea

Khruu Ohh and Khruu Aah are Thai teachers at the language school that Eng and Linda used to go to. Because of his current workload, Eng stopped having Saturday lessons at home with Khruu Ohh. Linda has two other teachers during the week but has Khruu Aah teaching her every Saturday morning at the house. Both teachers accepted Jesus as their Lord last September and have started attending church. They are facing opposition from their family who refuse to permit them to change their belief. They are forced to continue to go to a Buddhist temple during Thai festivals and to 'wai' (show respect) and to offer incense. Since Thai families are patriarchal, they are compelled to obey because of their culture and training but what they really want is to be baptized and to receive communion. They have done neither because the family's permission has not been received. Sometimes they are not able to attend church because of 'errands' that they are asked to do. They are looking to us for prayers and to the Lord for an answer to their plight. The twin sisters turn 25 years old next month.

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