Monday, February 18, 2008

Blessed Through Visitors

In the past couple of weeks God had blessed us by bringing guests to our home.

Just last week Pastors Jan and Leslie Drayer came to stay with us while they were in Chiang Mai from Sunday to Wednesday after their conference. On returning to the Philippines they would begin the process of packing to move to the States. We were able to pray for their safe travel and for an easy transition back, and felt that they left almost as soon as they’d come.

Also last weekend we met friends of friends, a Canadian couple, Ross and Janet Kennedy. They were in Thailand on vacation, but are now seriously praying about moving here to teach at Grace International School. We were also able to pray for this couple and for their children, who had all already left home. We were able to enjoy a much shorter time with them, but felt equally blessed.

With every visitor that God brings to us He blesses us too by letting us be a blessing to them. I know that He works through us to refresh and restore the people who come here, and I am proud to be His instrument.

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